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Billing and Coding Services for Primary Care Physicians

Outsourced billing services can help primary care physicians focus more on patient care. Primary care practices handle multiple types of services, resulting in the need to understand a wide range of coding and billing practices. With assistance from billing professionals, these practices can free up resources to grow their patient bases. At Secure Healthcare Information Management, we provide comprehensive billing solutions that empower primary care doctors to improve their care.

Why Outsource Medical Billing and Coding Services?

A medical billing company understands how to handle claims effectively and efficiently so you can optimize the rest of your operations. All-in-one billing providers like Secure can also help you make the rest of your practice management more effective.

Accurately Code for Multiple Services

At Secure, we can code services across many disciplines. Our experience with primary care providers and specialists enables us to provide billing and coding for the range of services you provide to your patients. We know that every practice takes a different approach to care, so we personalize every client's plan.

Combine Billing With Other Solutions

To give our clients the best experience possible, we offer practice management support that you can receive with your billing services. Our portfolio includes these solutions and more.

  • Coding and billing

  • Insurance verification

  • Credentialing and re-credentialing

  • Payroll services

  • Strategic planning and development

  • Training and consulting

Maintain Ongoing Compliance

Primary care billing involves a wide range of regulations for privacy and accuracy. These rules change regularly, making it crucial for billing teams to keep up with updates. Our staff considers ongoing compliance to be a critical aspect of their jobs, and we stay compliant with the most recent regulations.

Maximize Your Reimbursements

Our billing and coding experts know how to accurately code services to earn you the most reimbursement possible. Their knowledge of service-specific coding enables them to bill for higher reimbursements when they can. By performing the billing process correctly the first time, they can also help you get your compensation quickly.

Percentage-Based Fees

To accommodate as many client budgets as possible, we charge a percentage-based fee. We only get paid if you get paid.

We also focus on timely follow-up with insurance denials and insurance accounts receivable to ensure that you receive the amount due to you. Insurance companies will not accept claims past a certain date and payments may not be received if precise timelines are not followed.

Consult Us for Assistance

When we work with a client, we take on the role of a consultant as well as a primary care healthcare billing company. We want to help your practice become more efficient in all of its operations. As our customer, you can reach out to us at any time for expert advice from a team dedicated to the industry's best practices.

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Billing for Primary Care Doctors

Count on our billing and coding team to keep your patients' information secure. We use HIPAA-compliant approaches that protect your data and keep your practice compliant. Our experts also ensure that they use secure technology during every step of the billing process.

Our Software Expertise for Primary Care Clinics

If you have Practice Management or EHR systems that you would like to keep, we can utilize your software. We can personalize your service plan to keep your practice management and EHR workflow seamless. Clients who want to change their practice management and/or EHR can also consider one of our software systems. As a Secure customer, you'll receive dedicated support from our team no matter what software you use.

Contact Us Today

We welcome any interested primary care practice to learn more about our services. Please contact our staff online or call us at 855-973-1400 for more information about our billing solutions.

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