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You get to choose what services you need for your practice! Secure Healthcare Services offers a cafeteria of services such as medical revenue cycle management, medical billing services, healthcare credentialing, medical coding services ...

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Secure Healthcare Services offers a cafeteria of services such as medical revenue cycle management, medical billing services, healthcare credentialing and re-credentialing, medical coding services, charge entry, education services, ...

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EHR & Services

We offer reliable healthcare services that help your practice enjoy increased efficiency and profitability. Let our team of experts lead the way for your medical practice or healthcare organization in the following areas...

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We appreciate your interest in Secure Healthcare Information Management, LLC. To learn more about customized "Secure" solutions and access our support and resources center please contact us.

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The Secure Healthcare Services' facility is located in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. Our team has over 125 years of collective experience...

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The Secure Difference

At Secure Healthcare Information Management, we offer comprehensive medical billing services for small- to medium-sized practices. We provide numerous advantages over the competition because we can customize our offerings according to our clients' needs.

Personalized Medical Billing and Coding Services

We understand that every practice has a different workflow to suit the specific strengths of its staff. Our team develops custom solutions for every client, keeping their preferences in mind to optimize their services. With our diverse portfolio of medical billing services, we can accommodate your practice's unique needs.

Revenue-Based Fees

Since we bill on a percentage of your collections, your fees will depend on your revenue. This pricing model makes our services more affordable to smaller practices by charging only what you can pay. It also drives us to provide you with the best services possible so we can all receive payment.

Provider-Based and Rural Healthcare Billing Solutions

Our solutions include provider-based and rural healthcare billing. We offer these specialty services to provide you with the resources you need for your practice to succeed. Since we're a small business too, we know that community practices need specialized solutions.

What Makes Professional Healthcare Information Management Important?

As a specialized field within the healthcare industry, healthcare information management requires professional training. When you count on our experts for coding and billing, your practice experiences benefits such as:


Since the healthcare industry has so many privacy regulations, it can become difficult for a practice to handle compliant billing. Our professionals receive ongoing training on these standards and know the latest policy updates. Let our team take care of compliance so you can focus on providing care to your patients.

Maximized Reimbursement

Today's healthcare coding and billing processes involve quality improvement programs that can increase your reimbursement rates. You can count on our professionals to navigate these programs to get you the highest reimbursement possible. They know how to code your services and provide consulting to increase the amount of revenue you earn.

Increased Efficiency

By requesting medical billing services from our team, you can improve your practice's operational efficiency. With a professional team managing your billing and coding, you can put more time and effort into other aspects of your healthcare practice. Our billing team understands how to manage the industry's current standards to complete services quickly and effectively.

Secure Healthcare Coding

During the billing and coding process, our professionals follow HIPAA and other security standards in healthcare. We keep you and your patients' information safe through secure technology and practices. As a result, you can provide your patients with a higher quality of care and ensure your records are compliant during audits.

We Stay on Top of Industry Regulations for Your Practice

Billing regulations in the healthcare industry are constantly changing. Our clients can rest assured that they have compliant billing records and processes thanks to our ongoing training. Our professionals consider keeping up with industry regulations an essential part of their jobs.

Learn More About Our Approach to Medical Billing and Coding

Let us develop a personalized solution for your practice's billing and coding needs. Reach out and contact our professional team to learn more about how our adaptable services can benefit you.

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